Jacqueline Dixon is a University of Toronto graduate, a Certified Sales Professional, Sales Trainer, Radio Host and Qualified Professional Speaker with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

As an award-winning expert with over 25 years of experience within the Sales and Marketing industry, Jacqueline has now taken the knowledge gained from her tremendous success to create the New Era Communications Platform.

As a gifted and powerful speaker, Jacqueline delivers a series of training programs and riveting talks that have left her audiences captivated, inspired and empowered.

Jacqueline's experience and successes are not limited to Canada but have spread into the United States as well. After volunteering her expertise in scriptwriting in the 2008 Presidential campaign for Barak Obama's telephone outreach program with great success, she was invited to attend the Democratic National Convention as an honoured guest.

As Keynote Speaker and leading authority in Sales Training and Development, Jacqueline has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the top business executives and business owners within her field.

When Jacqueline is not working within her career role as Head Sales Coach for one of Canada's largest promotional advertising providers, she runs a series of seminars and workshops on the topics of Sales Training and Development. Jacqueline also donates her time speaking to women's groups, along with addiction and mental health facilities. Jacqueline's professional speaking skills has also given her the opportunity to host the fast-growing web-radio show "Ordinary People (Can do Extra-Ordinary Things)" on the GBKM network every Saturday at noon EST. Jacqueline has proven to be a true humanitarian, rooted and grounded in the principles of grace, mercy and kindness.

Having overcoming unexpected tragedy along with a series of personal setbacks in her early adult years, Jacqueline has now made it her life's mission to teach others how to "Turn It Around" by turning their obstacles and oppositions into opportunities for growth and development.

An Author, Jacqueline, currently resides on the southern shores of Lake Simcoe. Her current projects include writing two books. Schedule for success is a sales handbook for inside sales reps and provides a step by step guide on maximizing sales results and consistently achieving sales quotas. Throughout her successful career, Jacqueline has formulated a series of her own best practices and summarized them in a 7-Step Program, which she has taught to hundreds of sales reps to help them achieve top sales levels while earning above-average incomes.

A Cross Made Of Popsicle Sticks offers a series of spellbinding short stories of individuals who have faced catastrophic adversities, such as loss, grief, personal tragedy, and so much more. These individuals will take you along on their journey to the darkest places in their lives to allow you to learn how they took control of the journey back with fight and determination. Read how they took their obstacles and oppositions and turned them into opportunities; how they transformed a mess into a message. Jacqueline even shares four very personal stories of her own struggles, which are sure to amaze and inspire any reader.

Speaking Fees: $9,888.00/Engagement - Pro Bono (When Qualified)

Workshops & Seminars: TBA


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"Confidence in Motion"

I am honored to be a recipient of this years ABC Awards.
September 15th, 2018
Woodbine Banquet Hall

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